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Turning the Man

There is nothing more exciting than meeting someone in a completely vanilla setting and having incredibly kinky sex later.   Last night was great. The conversation we have makes you none the wiser about what I am into… We chat about 2016 politics, crude oil and QE, football..the conversation flows.  We are truly engaged and it is hot…laughing and bonding.  The G-men may have lost but we are both winners…I forgive you for being an Eagles fan.

There may be a moment or two when a subtle hint escapes my lips.  You aren’t quite certain but you let your mind hope.  Does she like all of her holes filled?  Does she appreciate a solid OTK spanking?  Will she appreciate a pearl necklace? If only you knew that you were just scratching the surface….

Anticipation is the greatest aphrodisiac.  A few cocktails…dinner and then you are politely walking me home. We live in the same neighborhood after all.  At my door I give you a long languorous kiss..enough to tell there is a ALOT more where that came from but again…how do you really know for sure?

Patience and the world is your oyster.

Quote of the day: “keep planting grass and don’t pull weeds.” – Kevin Elko, ” Touchdown!”

Yours truly,

a kinky football fan

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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