I’ve never been at a loss for words.  This week was tremendously stressful.  My emotions have ruled me.  I’ve cried a lot.  Deep, guttural tears and slow drops that  trail down my cheeks.  I think sometimes you have no choice…sometimes it is better to let them come. Let the mascara turn your face black.

Mourning for great loss in more than one form.

This blog has never been about fantasy.  It is my about my real feelings,  needs, thoughts and desires.  An authentic blend of poignant prose ranging from the dirty and fluffy to the vulnerable and raw.

Consume me in all my forms.

Faith. It’s all I can count on.  It dwells in the deepest parts of my soul. Intangibility.  What you can not see, what you can not control you must surrender to.

That is how you thrive.  This is the metamorphosis of rationality.

Music mood:  Andrew Bayer “Closing Act”

Yours truly,

your kinky courtesan xx