What I Came for In Cambridge….

I guess that’s the only way to put it.  I went out for an innocent dinner and came back with dessert, a rich, thick dessert.

Perhaps it was the oysters.  I LOVE oysters and wine..then scotch….and jeez…I was talking to every available mouth at the bar….It was only a matter of time.

He was really cute.  The bluest of blue eyes.  I loved his beard.. It was soft….everywhere.  We fucked in my room w abandon.  It was awesome. I rode every inch of him.  I squeezed him.    I laid my pussy into him knowing it might be the first but last time….I buried my head deep into his neck as my pussy gripped his cock, knowing this might be the first but last time.

We both got what we came for….and he was such a gentleman.  He offered his condolences for the 2 deaths in my family.  I’d say fucking is a great way to deal with grief .

See you in 4 months, my Cambridge freak…maybe.

Music mood:  Emma Hewitt:  “Circles”

Your slut, xo

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