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New Student

Date #6…I invited him over just to play.  It was time to really see what He was made of.  He surprised me pleasantly.   He admitted he was a bit intimidated but eager to learn and explore.  I am eager to continue to push my boundaries…

Since i have agreed to take on a role as a mentor, I thought i would start a grading system..

Rope skills- B- (his first time w rope…i was impressed since he only watched videos and never actually practiced).

Impact play- B+.  I showed him how to use a flogger.  He has a heavy hand.  He missed the A grade because I had to remind him that contrast in play is critical.  A few strokes w something soft makes a world of difference to any bottom.  My ass does feel deliciously sore today…

Anal execution- A+.  He was gentle and confident.  i appreciated thst he used a glove because safety is always a priority when playing with someone new.  Apparently, anal is his fetish.  I understand why.

Orgasm Control- B+.  A few surprise moves made this v enjoyable for me.

Dominant Mental Acuity- C-.  This is the one area that does need a little attention.  Even if you are playing with someone for the first time, staying in role is critical to the success of the scene and mutual pleasure.  Although, I LOVE to pull the switch..

General Attitude and Willingness- B.  He admitted he was intimidated by me, which explains his lack of strong direction.  He was also a bit overwhelmed by the range of toys i had…which is small compared to some closets i have seen..However, I like that he is open to anything.  I plan on sending him to my friend for lessons in Fire play.

Music mood:  Bob Marley “Three Little Birds”  –  “Dont worry about a thing, every little thing is gonna be alright…”

your slut, xo

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