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Piece by Piece…Sartorial Sex

You were stunning in that custom suit.  I learned something new too..the last button on the sleeve of a custom suit is always left undone…the mark of bespoke.

There were so many pieces to your wardrobe – the vest, the pants, the jacket, the tie and suspenders! Wow.  I have a new appreciation for suspenders.  I loved them..it was a really cool twist on a conservative suit…

Piece by piece I gently removed each article of clothing.  I appreciate fine fabric so I handled your vestments with care.  I must confess, I wanted to wear the suspenders myself.  We enjoyed long, languorous kisses in between but I was studious about slowly getting you down to your other suit,  the critical one… the birthday suit.

I knew with your  athletic, football player build that you would be strong and overwhelming for me physically.   It turned me on even more.  Your hand moved up my silky legs and grabbed the nylon ripping them right where it counts…a seductive point of entry just begging to be taken in more ways than one.

The pantyhose stayed on.  The red backseams never moved.   I loved even more that we enjoyed cocktails at a bar afterwards, crotchless but in our sartorial best…only a bit more dirty and sweaty…

Music mood:  Lana Del Rey – Million Dollar Man” – ” If you are going crazy…just grab me and take me..”

Yours truly,

your kinky courtesan xx

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