Mr. Hitachi Cums Twice

Baby, it was cold outside today but hot in a NYC hotel room.  Two women and a man. She was 25 and loves sex..happens to prefer women.  I love it when a woman is not “bi for the guy” and really enjoys what the female has to offer. It makes the experience SO much more fun.  At one point, I think the guy felt like he was third wheel. Now that is when you know you are having a good time.

She had a v. small chest but thick nipples, perfect for biting and she loved it rough.  While he was fucking her, I licked her from head to toe…starting with her legs….working my way up to her stomach, sides, neck and finally her lips.  I kissed hesitantly at first and as our tongues connected it became clear this was good for both of us. I grabbed Glamazon, my strap-on and while he began fucking her I slid in between her tiny ass cheeks, while my hands traced the large tattoo on her back.

It was clear everyone was working or maybe hardly working?  I decided to break out a little reward.  The magic wand.  While he fucked her, I kissed her and positioned the Hitachi right between her juicy, begging lips.  It was so much fun to see her squirm. I asked her…”haven’t you ever met Mr. Hitachi?”

“No..” She gasped.

“Its about time the two of you met, then…” I smiled at her deviously.

Then came the screams and wiggles..

Time for round two….

Music mood:  Andrew Bayer ” Need Your Love” (Phonat Remix)

Yours truly,

your kinky courtesan xx

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