Last night. Date #4.   We are on a roll….My NYC playmate and thanks to you I am rediscovering a whole new New York… I show up for cocktails in a new dress.  A conservative grey wool shift dress with a white collared shirt underneath.  My black knee high Pradas give it edge.  Yes, I like for people to be confused…am I naughty or am I nice?   Only you know the answer…as I slide into the booth next to you and feel your fingers move slowly past my knees and  into that familiar cavernous area….Now that is a “hello” I could get used to….

Later, back at my place. I straddle your lap.  Puccini’s “Madame Butterfly” plays softly in the background as I slowly strip for you.  We kiss. I love how opera makes me feel in a play moment.  Graceful…sexy…free.  The dress comes off.  We kiss and lick some more.  I throw my head back.  You pull my hair.  Then, button my button I give you a peek.   I suck on my own nipples…I enjoy sucking on them knowing you find that hot.  As  I lick and suck them, tugging gently on the rings, I feel a hardness underneath me begin to really cement itself. I allow you the honor of slowly and deliberately removing my tights.

You push me on my back.  I’m naked.  My legs wrap around your neck.  The core exercises I have been doing are beginning to pay off as I gyrate my hips while dangling my ankles around your neck.  Whether you penetrate me or not doesn’t matter…Our eyes are locked as I continue to dance slowly to the sexual, sensual rhythm we are creating.

Music mood:  Puccini’s ” Madame Butterfly”

Yours truly,

your kinky courtesan xx