Bad A** Secretary

Documents with typos.  I thought you said Sao Paulo not Seattle.  Enough is enough.  You call me into your office.  I sense this is not one of those times you are looking to make small talk.  Your face is stern and your large hands are firmly square on the desk.

I sit down and cross my legs politely.  I stare at your mouth, trying to avert my eyes from yours.  The words coming out of your mouth I hear but they sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher…..Then I hear the desk drawer open.  My mind suddenly is drawn back into reality as you stand up.

“Bend over.” You bark at me.

For a moment I am shocked at this turn of events.  I obey.  I lean against the hard oak desk.  Your warm hands force themselves up my thighs.  Its time for a gold old-fashioned spanking, or two or three, or 20.

Then I feel the cool glass entering my behind.  At the same time your fingers find surprising wetness.  You are gentle at first but then as you feel me relax into …you get more aggressive…I sink myself into you.

Of course you see my state of arousal and are quick to remind me that this is punishment not reward.

No orgasm for me today as you yank my skirt back down and tell me to get back to work. My ass fully worked over.

Music mood:  Frank Sinatra – ” All of Me ”  – ” All of me..why not take all of me..”

Yours truly,

your kinky courtesan xx

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I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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