He is a lion among the herd.  He is loyal to his pack.   When he is hungry, he hunts.  The roar is never loud but it is recognized and respected.   There are some journeys he takes alone and he does so with purpose.   A courageous and empathetic lion who employs fearlessness and cunning without his enemy every feeling the sharpness of his weapons. Although, there are times…when he wants them to feel it… but that is another story. 😉  His coat is always perfectly pressed and regal.  What I admire and enjoy most about him is what I see on the inside – a bit wild, a bit unkempt but that is what makes him most beautiful.  It is the dichotomy of his perfect composure and his secret wild primality.

I desire to be his pet.  I will wait for him to beckon me like a good pet does.  A pet doesn’t beg for attention.  It waits until it is needed.   I will be adoring and obedient, like a good pet is.  I can be a wild cat…but I am loyal.

There are some things worth waiting for.

Music mood:  Lana Del Rey  ” Brooklyn Baby”

Yours truly,

your kinky courtesan xx