Greenwich, CT.  Mischief night…the night I prefer over Halloween.

The minute he walked through the door I told him, ” turn around and face the door.  Do not say a word.”  I took the bag from him which contained the supplies I asked him to bring – champagne, cool whip and industrial plastic wrap.  Then, one of my Hermes scarves went around his eyes….blacking out everything.

When I was ready, I pulled him by the shirt towards the middle of the room. Once there, I slowly began to undress him…taking care to hang up his clothes neatly in the closet.  As he stood there naked and blindfolded, I then took the Cool Whip, which was barely thawed…and began to slather it on him.  I covered almost every inch of his body..including the important parts…and his head and mouth.  Then I took the the plastic wrap and mummified him forcing him still.

He had know idea what was going to happen next and I remained silent.  Then as I stood on the bed, he felt Glamazon, my strap-on force its way into his mouth.  I commanded, ” show me how much you like my cock.”  He was eager to prove that to me.

He was sticky from the Cool Whip but I sucked on his fingers and licked his neck gently anyway as I rubbed up against him, spitting on his cock.  My dildo and his cock, what an amazing site. What a turn on as they rubbed up against each other.

I restricted all movement and  use except for his hands, cock and lower legs.  In a position with his palms facing up, I let my breasts slide slowly against his palms so he could feel the lushness and the steel ring on the end of my nipple, taunting him.

Finally, when I knew he couldn’t take it anymore, I led him into the bathroom where champagne, almost an entire bottle was dumped over his head, chest and throbbing cock.  I climbed in behind him, had him pinned against the wall and gently slid my cock into between his legs…My hands played with him as he was slippery from the champagne.

On my knees, I treated him.

Music mood:  Rob Garza ” out of body workshop”

Yours truly,

your kinky courtesan xx