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The amazing Master P always writes insightfully and his latest post, “BDSM Love” gives the reader, vanilla or kinky something to chew on.

I would like to expound on his musings and take it in my own direction.

Everyone’s journey into this lifestyle is unique.  A discovery, the depths of which vary.  My personal journey is about surrender to my myself and the realization of the risk involved.  In that state of surrender, there is loss of control.  Yet, there is a calm and preparedness for what will happen next that emanates from trust.  The ability to let go and wait…just wait with no expectations. is a v. liberating and empowering feeling that leads to powerful outcomes.

True intimacy.  The gift of pure submission.

Music Mood:  Above and Beyond – “Thing Called Love” (acoustic)

“…My secret plan, how close we came…To share another road…”

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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