What I have been craving lately..

1.  A good old-fashioned kiss that speaks all kinds of secrets without having to say them aloud.

2. Fireplay, including fire flogging.

3. A  fast ride in a high-performance vehicle.  I love cars.

4. Culture.  Exposure to something new..(a different kind of art or music or even literature.. is a good start..) I have been reading a lot lately so any good book recommendation are welcome…

5.  pet play.

6.  hogtied (my favorite bondage position) and teased relentlessly.

7.  a good orgy.

8.  Travel out west…

9. anal sex.

10.  true submission.

Tell me…what is on your  “crave list?”

music mood:  Rob Garza  – ” out of body workshop”

Yours truly,

your kinky courtesan xx