The Unforgiving Inseam

My desire is to tease and torture your body slowly, in sensual not sadistic intent.  You are always in control, until now that is.  I have turned you and for this moment you are mine.

Your suit begs to be stripped off, one garment at a time.  I have other plans for you, my darling.  The inseam of your pants is screaming at me. As I step closer to you, as you can just barely feel my breath and lips hot on your neck and ears, the outline presented in your inseam grows exponentially.  I do not hurry nor do I let you know that a frisson of excitement  is ripping through my body.

Its my turn with the crop.  I use it sparingly though.  In kitty-kat like style, I slither up your pant leg with the beautiful leather, letting it lightly brush the hairs of your muscular thighs. A deep exhale lets me know I’m getting warm.  In a more sinewy fashion, I climb a bit higher letting my head brush against your inseam…now I feel your knees begin to buckle as I move back and forth, head burrowed in the super 100 wool of your suit pants.

I surprise you with the Magic Wand.   I ask you to sit.  It breaks you out of your carnal reverie but only for just a moment.  I take your socks off and massage the balls of your feet.  Your head falls back, eyes closed.  The massager makes its way up to your your chest…slowly unbuttoning your starched shirt while watching your nipples stand erect is almost too much for me to take.   Its too much for you to handle as I let my tongue and lips caress your stomach, ears, neck and nipples.

You have been good.  Its time for your reward.  Slowly, v. slowly, I unzip your pants with my teeth and as they fall to your ankles, I see the excitement seeping through the cotton/spandex of your briefs.

Its time for me to enjoy a trip around the world and give you a little slice of heaven.  Show you what you have missing.

Music mood:  Burt Claessen v. Guns n Roses “Sweet Child of Rubicon”  (Audien Mashup)

Yours truly,

your kinky courtesan xx

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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