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Toils, Spoils and Pleasures

Dear London Lover,

Last night was AWESOME.  I loved getting dressed up for you and taking a field trip to the Pleasure Chest.  It was so much fun exploring the store together knowing what was to cum.

I admit to being a toy snob.  I typically purchase my toys from Stockroom or my local hardware store but I have to admit they did a great job of trying to satisfy even the conneissur’s tastes.

Thirty minutes of browsing later, we were on to the real adventure.  The lift…oh God, 36 floors of wet, warm, intense throw-me-against-the-lift kissing. Once in the suite…well, you know I am a champagne slut and you never disappoint in this department.   I just couldn’t wait to show you what was underneath my dress but I was in no hurry.  I thought I would tease you a bit…make you work for it…which is why I opted for black back-seamed hose rather than the traditional stockings.  Those extra few seconds..when my nyloned legs are wrapped around your waist…did make a difference.

I have to admit, undressing you slowly was the best part…from undoing the Hermes tie to letting your shirt with extra starch fall to the floor.  The first toy to come out was the new vibrator.  I don’t believe vibrators should be named after animals.  I think simple is better and this definitely did the trick.  Your mouth took me to the brink several times and when it was time to supercharge…well you remember what happened.

One of my favorite parts of the evening was using the 7-pinwheel Wartenberg wheel up and down your body.  The 3-pinwheel Wartenberg was one of the first toys I purchased but the 7 definitely makes a significant difference for sensory play, particularly when combined with my tongue and wet lips.  Your reaction was sublime.

it was a wonderfully intimate experience with you as it always is. Although the anal beads and black leather kitten hood remained in their wrappings, I think the evening was an unforgettable one.

Music mood:  Bruce Springsteen “Jersey girl”

Yours truly,

your kinky courtesan xx

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