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The Art of the Scarf….Be A Good Neighbor Pocket Square

Fall is definitely my favorite time of year, even though I lose my glorious tan.   Why is fall my favourite? The average man on the street tends to dress more formally and I am a sucker for a beautiful suit adorned with all of the accoutrements.  Now, I realize that a good dresser, like a leopard, doesn’t change his spots BUT I like to see effort from the average guy.

One accessory that is often not seen on a man is the scarf.  An unappreciated yet high-value accessory in both function and style.  Unlike its neighbor the pocket square, which while beautiful, serves mostly for style.  I am not of the camp that believe a pocket square is ABSOLUTELY necessary to finish a suit.  However,  I do like a man who understand how to put it all together.  Plain pocket squares  are just pointless in my opinion.

I am hoping to see the scarf trend make a come back beyond the functional.   A silk patterned scarf would be a wonderful transformation to go from work to an evening event.  I would love to see more men play in the 1920’s, Gatsby-era pool of fashion…. I’ve seen a few Peacocks in NYC wear them perfectly with a sport coat  but I have yet to see an ensemble with pocket square and cufflinks…I think I would lose it..

Sartorial orgasm anyone?

Apparently, one of my favorite men’s blogs, The Art of Manliness, concurs with me.

Have a read with your morning coffee and I hope to see you with a scarf around your neck…Besides think of all the practical uses for a scarf that cums in handy…I can certainly think of of a few…

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