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Tuesday’s Fantasy: The Seraphim Feline

I make my own rules:  Friday’s Fantasy is cumming to you Tuesday….

It is innocent enough.  Conservative business entire.  Nobody is the wiser.  Generic wine. Not particularly good or bad.  The champagne is a bit flat by now.  The cheese and cracker are a bit stale. Rounds were made .   I see you from across the room.  How could I not?  You are the one everyone wants to have a conversation with.  Like sheeple, they flock waiting for their moment.  I hold back, careful not to give my intention away.  I observe from a safe distance.   You are sharply dressed  – bespoke suit, cufflinks, white shirt, extra starch, the kind that would look good on a female…A bowtie and pocket square tie it all together but you are careful to be more Paul Smith than Ozwald Boateng, this is the East Coast after all…I admire your style.  A peacock but not too dandy.   I prefer real masculinity.  I imagine that you smell of nothing but soap. I’m starting to squirm and I haven’t even introduced myself.

The inner slut in me is like a lion waiting to roar. As I get older and more mature, I prefer to be more subtle…a purring kitten….I make my mark and lie in wait because patience has its rewards…A soft purr can be more effective…….

I feel your presence behind me.  It isn’t overtly sexual but it is dynamic.  I want you but I dare not make a move.  I can feel you without touching you.  I turn around.  Your eyes are gleaming into mine.  Do I see 5 o’clock shadow?  oh…God, that is sexy.  I love a hint of stubble.   We talk about politics, business, technology – all of my hot buttons….the reason why we are both here.   My mind is racing.  Instinctively, I know this is remarkable.  I also know I can’t ruin it by being presumptuous.   A good kitty waits…

The body language is subtle but real.  You are merely inches from me.  If I reached out now…well I won’t.  Lets draw this out….I don’t like pain but I like the tease…Tease me in this vanilla space.  Let me corrupt that mind of yours…Turn it upside down and then right side up again.

A good kitty always waits….

Music mood:  Parker & Hanson:  “Gravity”

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