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ORGANic Exploration…

Naked on the bed.  You in full bespoke suit.   I can’t look you in the eye.  If I do I it’s over.  This is a true mental volley.  My submission to you.  It is not like it was before.  Were we always in role? I don’t know.  It just feels more truthful.  I’m naked and you can seek through my skin, a glance into my organs…see my heart pumping wildly, my lungs expanding and deflating rapidly. I’ve never felt so exposed.

There are no toys.  No rope.  No music.  Yet, you are so calm as you lower yourself over me.  You inhale deeply.  You begin whispering…What you say I can’t repeat.  My pussy is smiling though. You continue with deep yoga breaths as you slowly explore my body.  This isn’t the first time but you are being so meticulous and detailed it feels like it is.

The light wool of your suit feels comforting and warm against my skin.  Your starched cotton shirt rubs up against me in the perfect places…

I feel your tongue visit and decide to stay awhile.  The exploration is fun and a discovery for both of us.  Every touch feels different. We merely react to the low sounds emanating from our throats….

Settling in to savor some delicious moments…

Music moments:  Zero 7 – “Destiny”

Yours truly,

your kinky courtesan xx



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