In Case You Didn’t Know…

Before I fly west to Phoenix in an couple of hours, I thought I would write a quick post that details random facts about me…I think this always helps people who read my blog get a better understanding of who I am, when they know a little bit about my background and interests.

1.  I am an out of practice but classically-trained vocalist. I sang in the Church choir for many years and my most important performance to date was surprising my husband with a serenade at the altar in front of 300 guests.  If I could master anything it would be my voice.  I just began taking lessons again.

2.  I have this thing for ice cream after sex.  Lately, it is more like…Talenti gelatto – Coconut and mango flavors.

3. Recently I have discovered that if you touch them right my lower legs are quite the erogenous zone…

4. I am a woman of simple pleasures. Nothing is better to me than a fantastic bottle of wine, a home-cooked meal and the rest I can’t write here…

5.  I am geek in heels.  I’m obsessed with data but HORRIBLE with math.  My father still shakes his head because he has Einstein’s math skills.  I still love analyzing the data and understanding its potency.

6.  I do not smoke but I enjoy a Churchill every once in awhile.

7.  My favorite guilty pleasure movies of all time?  Top Gun and Dirty Dancing…I’m an 80’s girl.

8.  My favorite fruit is the orange.   A little rough on the outside but oh what a surprise – the inside tastes and smells sweet and fresh and feels soft and juicy.

9.  I was never someone who enjoyed flowers but recently someone began bringing me roses when they visit and now I really enjoy them.

Music mood:  Above & Beyond – “Black Room Boy”

Yours truly,

your kinky courtesan xx

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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