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Vitamin O

Dinner was memorable.  Flirty, fun and the conversation flowed….When you presented the orange, your chosen fruit of choice, I loved how we intellectualized the carnality of the fruit.  I couldn’t wait to get you back to my place and provide the nourishment with the vitamin O you so badly craved…

The letter you presented me at dinner was beautifully written and vulnerable.  I wanted to nurture your desires slowly.  I felt compelled not to do what was described because anticipation is the most exciting part of seduction after all.  

I loved that you couldn’t see me.  That I could work you over without your sight.  It forced you to focused and concentrate, relying only on your sense of taste and smell which I enjoyed challenging.  My favorited scent is citrus so I loved that you chose the orange as your fruit.  In the glow of the candlelight, I loved peeling it back, revealing its fresh, zesty aroma and then taking it in my one hand and squeeze it hard all over your chest.  The juice exploded everywhere and I dove into you, enjoying the smorgasbord of sensations simultaneously occurring.

We took things slow and deliberate because seduction should never be rushed.  We eased into our power exchange and when I was ready to take you, I did, slowly and gently.  

The injection of Vitamin O was the nutrition you needed to satiate your carnal appetite…

Music mood:  Lez Zeppelin “whole lotta love”

Yours truly,

your kinky courtesan xx



I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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  • KraftedKhaos

    I just followed you on Twitter, but you may not recognize the name… it’s Khaos Tees… just letting you know that it was someone who actually follows your blog, not just a spammy mcspammerson

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