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The Harvest

It has been almost a year since I have seen you, my  dear West Coast friend.  I am excited for  this evening.  When I received your email telling me you would be in town and wanting to spend time together, a big smile came across my face.   I am excited to see what you piece of fruit you present to me at dinner this evening   I asked you to bring a piece of fruit that best describes how he wishes our night to end.  I love that you hungers for me to take you, to devour your body, mind and soul, sweetly and viciously.   It is sweet that you were initially concerned that my submissive nature may leave me unsatisfied but I quickly dispel that assumption.  

Let’s not focus on labels, just pleasure.  Pure mutual pleasure. The kind that drips from every pore.  I will take all of what you give me and more.   The piece of fruit you presents tonight, whatever it may be, will serve as the bloom to all of your desires.   This is not about toys or implements. This is about your ability to forfeit control and my desire to harvest your submission, delicately and seductively. 

Until tonight….

music mood:  Kill Paris – “Slap Me” (GRiZ remix)

Yours truly,

your kinky courtesan xx




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