Inspired by Woody.

You were under attack and needed a safe harbor.  The right collaboration of intelligence, teamwork and good old-fashioned chutzpah would ensure your safety.  Our first challenge is to raise the flag and I am confident this can be easily accomplished with little to no effort.  I work the situation over gently, persistently, feeling confident in the progress we are making as the flag begins to fly stiffly and proudly.  

Of course, that is just one objective down.  This journey continues and one thing is certain, this Guided Missile System isn’t going to work without both hands on deck.   I am confident after that intense briefing, that your SSCP is working at 100% accuracy.  I know that this is it.  If we fumble now it will be difficult to recover our mission might fail and failure, is just not an option. One last equipment check…Yes..the two large canisters ready to release the missile seem to be in perfect working condition.  The missile is ready.   The moments before emotions are running high, our concentration levels are at their peak as we read each others minds and body language….

Ready…. Aim. Release….

Mission accomplished. 

Music mood:  Tony Bennett ” Fly Me to the Moon” 

Yours truly,

your kinky courtesan xx