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Happy Capitalism

As we officially move into the last weekend of the summer, I wanted to take a moment to recognize how blesses we are to liven the United States, a country where freedom is free.   There are boundless opportunities waiting to be harnessed, should we choose to take advantage.  

Monday is Labor Day. Our ancestors were entrepreneurs, immigrants who came over from every contingent to build a new one.  As we evolve, lets not forget what makes this country great – the willingness and collaboration of many different cultures who value the same belief system – free enterprise and innovation. 

Enjoy your weekend holiday weekend everyone… I will be attending my first EDM festival in 5 years, the Electric Zoo concert on Saturday at Randall’s Island.  A cashless/credit card -less concert…You upload money to the band you wear….capitalism at its best.

Until Tuesday…stay kinky! 

Music mood:  Beastie Boys – ” skills to pay the bills”

Yours truly,

your kinky courtesan xx





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