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Deep Pockets

My sexual soul burns bright and fiery.   Regardless of the activity, from my phalanges to my metatarsals I can feel that carnal energy coursing through my veins.  The undercurrent of  my sexuality is strong and complicated.   I like that it leaves a trickle of curiosity every where I go. 

I admit discovering something new was delicious and I aggressively soaked up everything that I could learn for the first 5 years. I wanted to eat, sleep, breath, drink and wear power exchange.  I was v. lucky to play with v skilled Dominants and even luckier when I met a true Master who guided and enlightened me for several years.  I’m blessed to still have him in my life as a close confidante. 

I’m always seeking to improve my character.  Patience.  Humility.  The challenges I have faced recently remind me that each day comprises of opportunities to make decisions.   Some big.  Some minute.   The greatest power lies in understanding what you control and what you do not.  

 Now…I choose subtlety.   As I evolve, I realize I don’t want to be kinky all day every day.  I am more than what is just skin deep.  I still  always go commando (one of the key protocol for a slave to follow), knowing that at any moment, in public I could part my dress just enough to give you a peek.   I touch myself but I do not cum alone.  I am always ready to be taken and I know what my body likes. I love being slutty with high standards, of course.   I want to serve a Dominant who enjoys equal parts vanilla and kink and instinctively knows the proper balance.   A Dominant who can control my sexual soul and  push me past my boundaries with confidence and creativity.  When I am not in his presence, He knows I serve His needs for pleasure first, whatever they may be.  I will rise to His challenges every time and complete His tasks proudly.  Most importantly, a Dominant who will provoke me intellectually.  Seduction of the body is nothing without the mind. 

A pocket of lust. A pocket of kink.  A pocket of power.    My subtle sexual soul simmers brilliantly, waiting to be taken.

Music mood:  Emma Hewitt – “state that I’m in” 

Yours truly,

your kinky courtesan xx


I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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