Friday’s Fantasy – You, Me and Her

A threesome.  Well, not really.  I am the voyeur in this menage -a- trios.  Yes, this time,  baby is happy to be in the corner.  This time baby is blindfolded, bound and gagged.   You have a plan.  I can barely control my excitement.

I can only hear slight moans.  I assume she is sucking your cock.  You cut through pleasantries perhaps?  You know I can’t get enough of your cock so you do the cruelest thing and let someone else have the pleasure of sucking it right in front of me.  I am cool. I can’t let you sense my excitement or wanting.  I know this is just the amuse bouche after all.

Steps.  Coming towards me.  The room is slightly warmer or is it just my body temperature rising?  I feel the worsted wool of your suit pants press up against my back.  Ahhh….Silence.  No movement.  Then suddenly, I feel a nipple against my face.

I’m officially sandwiched.  A tease, I know.

I can hear playful slapping.  A bit of grunting. Sweet moans.  There is a dance happening and I am the wallflower. I can’t touch myself. I can’t see.  This is the cruelest form of torture, until…you plug it in.  It is getting harder to control myself and you sense that.   You are testing my sexual resolve. Our friend is enjoying this knowing that she gets to join in on the torture too.  I refuse to give in but I am melting inside.

You both are having fun playing with one another.  I can feel you near.  Your energy never stops calling me. I wish I could see but I know when its time, it will happen.  Patience.  I am soon rewarded.

As the blindfold comes off, the view is beautiful.  Her head tilted back in ecstasy. Your mouth where it belongs.  Your eyes glued to mine.   I make no moves.  You finally take her.  I love this.  I love watching you with her.  I can’t take my eyes off what is in front of me.

We have shared so much intimacy and yet you haven’t even touched me.  Finally, you see I am writhing in my seat. I’m struggling.  You love it.  A few more moments….Yes. let’s choreograph this dance.  One.Two. Three.  I know what I have to do…Ask for permission.

A menage-a-trois explosion.  You, me and her.

Music mood:  ATB:  “ecstasy”

Yours truly,

your kinky courtesan xx

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