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Toasting You

Yesterday, I completed my first Toastmasters speech.  Although the “icebreaker” could arguably be the easiest, It is a challenge to speak about yourself in a way that engages an audience of relative strangers.

Special thanks to the calls of support and constructive feedback I received yesterday.  Typically, I spend more time preparing but I spent the weekend on holiday in Oxford MD and then St. Michaels for a day, with my best friends. The speech was the furthest thing from my mind.

I was a bit nervous as a result.  The encouraging words of support and constructive feedback I received in advance of my speech yesterday was perfect.  It helped to hear them.  The feedback, though it was last minute was pivotal because the new, inspiring words and constructive thought seemed to flow from my hand. An entire new speech was written 60 minutes before my meeting.   The result of “Entrepreneur :  Made not Born” was well-received by the members for both the content and delivery.   The only constructive remark was on my body language – standing still is much more impactful. I admit my nervous energy had me shifting my feet a bit.

Since the speech was of a personal nature, it was a cathartic experience.  It helped me to  appreciate where I came from professionally and to recognize and understand both the strengths and weaknesses of my character throughout an eclectic career.  The next phase in which is just beginning.

I could write about my adventures  without giving a thought to the audience.  You don’t have to be a marketing or sociology expert to understand that is not the point of words – written or oral.  It is to be heard by others.  Toastmasters is what will help me do both more effectively. The sense of accomplishment is motivating as I tackle adventures and challenges outside of the kink world.

music mood:  Spencer Davis Group – “Gimme Some Lovin”

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your kinky courtesan xx

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  • William

    I Sincerely Believe That I Would Be Totally Engaged Listening To You Speak About Yourself, While Watching You Shift Your Feet…I Applaud Your Accomplishment ~

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