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Tectonic Tease and Denial

My 26-years old came over yesterday.  I rarely enjoy the company of a younger man but he is an exception.  He is quiet and lets me take control.  I like that. 🙂    He was pretty exhausted after coming back from holiday overseas so I knew he just needed a little of O’s TLC .

Covering his eyes, I began to work him over, knowing all of his spots – ears, neck and nipples.  Gently I tugged with my tongue, teeth and lips, letting his quiet moans provide the direction.

Melting his stress away by pouring hot candle wax all over his chest, my hands buried into him, my breasts traced his face, his nose, his neck….Time to cool down…with a bowl of ice cubes. Not so fast.  The drops of water from the ice hit his chest, and as the warm liquid wax falls, climbing on top of him, a suction forms between us.  I grab more ice, placing them between our stomachs and they melt instantly from the friction and heat created. I can’t take much more and so I grab Versace and begin fucking myself with it.  Conveniently, the vibration, is hitting us in both the right spots…We move gracefully in rhythm like tectonic plates, shifting subtly and gracefully but with a lasting, profound impact created.

Over and over and over…Indeed something has shifted.

music mood:  Aerosmith ” sweet emotion”

Yours truly,

your kinky courtesan xx


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