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Friday’s Fantasy on Thursday: Aural Notes…

I will be off the grid from Friday through Sunday so I wanted to present this week’s fantasy a day early….Enjoy my darling kinky friends…

He called for me naked.  Little make-up.  Barefoot.  My most natural state allows my submission to shine the brightest.  Instinctively he knows that. He expects nothing less.

I crawl to him slowly.  He stands there.  All I can see are the leather from his wingtips.  They smile dauntingly at me.  I dare not look up for fear that all will be given away.  I keep my pace.  It feels like forever until I finally reach his feet.

His commands are not above a whisper yet I hear everything loud and clear.   On my knees he wants me.  Again, I dare not look up. More whispering.  The fabric of his suit feels smooth and cool against my warm, reddened skin.  I lean into him completely. I inhale.  More whispered commands.  My arms are behind my back and only my face remains in contact with his fully-clothed body.  I hear the slow movement of the zipper.  I feel something, v. warm, a bit moist and extremely solid rub up against my cheek and the corner of my mouth.

Again, I dare not meet his eyes.  Only the whispers reveal all.

What happens next is a vicious blur.   He gives himself completely to me and I have happily and deliciously accepted all of it.

I am finally allowed to speak. “Thank you, Master. ” I say quietly.   He whispers again.  I smile, inhaling deeply breathing the scent of him, the fibers of his suit, and the smell of sex in the room, my head against his leg.

music mood:  Depeche Mode:  “Blue Dress”

Yours truly,

your kinky courtesan xx

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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