The POWER-ful and The POWER-less

Every day we make choices, decisions.  There are some we spend days pondering and others we make in a split-second.  Ultimately they result in us being powerful or powerless.  Now, you can argue, “why would I make a decision that would provoke a powerless action?”

It happens all the time.

I know I am guilty of it.  Over the past 6 months, I have become aware of when I am doing.  This awareness has made that behavior much less frequent.   However, when I am stressed or feeling threatened, it is too easy to revert to quick and thoughtless emotion. This summer in particular, has been v. stressful…for many reasons. I realize afterwards, that my actions never make me feel better and in fact I often feel powerless as a result.  Whenever I find myself in this position, I know there is always an opportunity to reset.  Tolerance for ourselves, is a big key here.

The truth is that we can create opportunity and win-win scenarios when we appreciate people and situations for what they are not what we want or expect them to be.  In any situation in life, business or personal, we often think of what WE want first…what our own motivations and desires are…instead of first seeing it from the other’s POV.  Relationships of all kinds would be much better off if we stopped to think of the other’s needs and desires first.    When we do, we often find a way of satisfying our own as well.

Our flaws are as important as our assets.  The important thing is to recognize them.  That is powerful.

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I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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