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40 -1 Celebrations

It all began in Greenwich 72 hours ago.  My 40 – 1 birthday that is…

A dear gentleman friend put together quite a birthday party just for the two of us.  After he gave me my amazing birthday gift, a GoPro Hero 3, he ordered me to stand in front of the mirror, naked.  Of course I obeyed.  In nothing but a leather collar and 5″ black snakeskin heels I stood, waiting.  He came up behind me and I felt the coarseness of the rope immediately around my neck, forming a noose.  “Open your mouth,”  He said.  My lips part just enough to allow the rope enough grab between my teeth.  As if it were a snake, the rope slithered around my breasts almost too easily until they were completely erect and in bondage.

He kissed me.  Deeply and passionately.  The wax from the candle greeting me with a  familiar and warm hospitality and as he worked my body over.

The night intensified from there.  Glamazon was ready to play.  The pink, glittery strap-on was ready to make her debut, it has been awhile…He pleased by pleasing her.  An oral worship that left her feeling extremely satisfied.  We went into the bathroom and I got on my knees…The cool tile floor was welcome against my sizzling skin.  I grabbed the back of his thighs, my soft short hair bristled between his legs….

Mutual pleasure found.

Fast forward 48hrs.  Thursday, July 10.

My oldest and dearest friend took me to one of my favorite restaurants, Fig & Olive for dinner before we were meeting an intimate group of friends at the Peninsula Rooftop for my “40 – 1 ” birthday party.    It was the perfect night.  I got to spend some time with her and catch up properly before having all out 39-year old fun.

Salon De Ning, the rooftop bar at the Peninsula is my favorite  place in the city.  It is sophisticated, elegant and international.  I smoked a Churchill and enjoyed my Stoli/soda with an orange against the backdrop of one of the most energetic and dynamic cities.  There were 6 of us – mostly friends from my vanilla life but everyone in attendance is intellectual curious, dynamic and the conversations reflected that.  Everyone in attendance had one person in common…me.  My plan worked though and relationships were formed and a maybe even a deal or two will happen as a result of connecting these v. special people in my life.   As a special touch I made chocolate covered strawberries for everyone as a special “thank you.”   We are all so busy and to get this v. special group together was an amazing victory.

It was nice to wake up naked this morning next to a warm body.  It was nice to not have sex but just be naked with someone and listen to them snore.  Now, all I need is the warm body I can wake up to and place my mouth on his cock every morning….

In reflecting on turning another year old, I realize that relationships are not measured by the quantity of people you have in your life, how often you engage but rather the quality of the engagement.  If I only see these friends once every 6 months, that is what matters because I always feel fulfilled afterwards.

The stresses of life will always be there.  I don’t see them anymore as obstacles but as opportunity.  I am steadily working towards a goal and I will get there.  Patience and perseverance will be rewarded.

Happy birthday.

music mood:  The Beatles ” Birthday”  (a little obvious, yes but fits. lol)

homemade smoothie:  kale, strawberries, banana, blueberries

Yours truly,

your kinky courtesan xx






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