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My Love Letter to America…

My Dear America,

This past year I had the amazing opportunity to really enjoy you.  I traveled across the plains, in the valleys and over the mountains to revel in the wonder of your natural beauty.   Your vistas were inspiring.  The cities were lively and unique, each one a haven of their own distinct personality.

Thank you for your welcoming embrace of re-opportunity.  It is within your faire landscape that a person can invent and re-invent themselves in the name of prosperity. Where individual freedom and the power of choice is the value you hold closest to your protective bosom.    The cowboys, entrepreneurs and oil men I met all shared one thing in common, the desire to build something great…for themselves, for their families and for you….of course.  They never forgot you.  You are a selfless giver, tirelessly putting others needs first.

I came away a different woman on that adventure. Thank you for exposing your secrets to those who care to listen….

July 4  is your day.   A celebration exclusively for you.  A day where people will be eating, shopping and basking on the beaches and the mountains.  There will be somber moments of reflection and appreciation for your fortitude and perseverance in overcoming those that wanted to see you fail because they hate the core of what you stand for – life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  I still marvel in your stamina and ability to always thrive in the face of challenge.

You simply sit back and humbly embrace all the reverie and accolade.   There is the realization that without the support of those that truly appreciate you and the values you stand for,  what would the rest of us aspire to?

Happy Birthday to you, America.  It is because of your open arms that every day is choice for how I live my life.

You are always close to my heart.

Music mood:  River Jordan – The Secret Sisters   I’m looking for the river Jordan, that old life giving stream. Within it’s wave of mercy sweet forgiveness ever teamed…

 Yours truly,

your kinky courtesan xx





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