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Raising the Bar…

This post is dedicated to Woody.

It is always lovely when someone goes out of their way to please you.  He strives to set high expectations simply because pleasing you give him pleasure.  This desire comes from a v. authentic place.  A place of integrity.  It is in the DNA.

It is quite rare and refreshing.  I’m luck to be intimately acquainted with one. Our rapport is rare.  We laugh and chat as old friends, he mentors me in business and we play lustful and creative lovers.

He reached out to me last week to ask what I wanted for my birthday.  I was v. generous for his birthday and he wanted to return the favor.    He tells me he is creating a special “party” for me where the pleasure he brings  will be returned in an ostentatious and grateful manner.

Tuesday night will be some party.  My favorite blanc de blanc, Pierre Gimonnet will be on ice. A tray of succulent, fresh fruit including strawberries, blackberries and nectarines, ready for us to nibble and experiment with.

He knows I love beautiful and colorful silk scarves.  I open the box and the double meaning immediately registers – he wants me to always to remember this night and what he is about to do to me when this is draped around my neck.

I lean over to thank him properly and our evening begins from there…

Yours truly,

Your kinky courtesan xx






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