How Do You Spend Your Sunday?

I normally start my Sunday, reading the WSJ weekend, drinking one of my homemade kale smoothies, watching the political talk shows, and getting ready for high mass.   Today, though is a bit different.  I am having lunch with a lady friend and then we are taking the Metro North to CT to enjoy a kinky threesome.  In the BDSM community, Sundays are considered a “day for play” so this is v. fitting.

He is excited because we are both comfortably bisexual.  The last time I was with a woman was on Valentine’s Day and I am excited to taste again.  Although I prefer relationships with men, after dating a few women, I love indulging in carnal pleasure with a lady.  I enjoy a woman’s body – the softness, curves and touch.   We have been asked to bring our strap-ons too…I will let you imagine…and yes…it is exactly where your mind is taking you…all of it…lol

Let’s just say my CT friend is a v. lucky man.  I’m thinking, he may want us well-hydrated because a good finale is a wet finale.

And I will still attend mass, just in the evening.. 🙂

Yours truly,

your kinky courtesan xx

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