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The Winner’s Circle

Greenwich, CT.

A hotel room transformed into a putting green.  Your sexy, kinky caddy explains the rules of the game.  It is simple – sink the putt, win the prize that is written on the “flag”.   If you are successful, you move on to the “winner’s circle”.  You glance on the bed, please at what you see and know right away that is indeed, the “winner’s circle.”

Two out of three ain’t bad.

The first hole was the toughest, admittedly, so I generously give you 50% of the prize and let you slowly undress me.  The true golfer that you are, you don’t allow your concentration to get shattered by the sight of me in a plain old stockings, garter and heels. No, you are too determined for that and I greatly respect you for it.  Upon completion of the 2nd hole, I bend over the desk and allowing you to choose the implement allow you to deliver 5 spankings.   At the 3rd and last hole,a familiar site awaits you, the Jimmyjane candle.  When you sink the put, I instruct you to light the candle.  My body language speaks to what you do next.  As my back is arched, I feel the deliciously warm wax drip slowly onto my chest and your hand lovingly caressing my breasts.   Time stops as we get lost in one another, letting the scent of the warm wax fill the room and heighten every sense.

The winner’s circle it is.

As you pop the Moet and we toast to your first victory, we both there is no true winner until the final surrender.  You reach for the collar and lead and we tussle.It is so much fun tussling with you, never taking my eyes off of yours.  There is amusement and joy in them.  A great satisfaction.  We are not sure who is going to win…until you take out your ace…the small vibrator and begin playing with me…teasing me..with it and your fingers…until.. well…now I am blushing…

Happy birthday, Woody.

Yours  truly,

your kinky courtesan xx



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