Going Down…Under

My birthday is 3 weeks away.  I am really excited to be turning 39 but most of all I can’t wait for my Aussie rendezvous.  I’ve know this man for 3 years and he is ideal – ruggedly stylish, dynamic, successful, powerfully dominant, carnally hungry. I admit I am a sucker for accents, especially when the words coming out of his mouth are so raunchy.   Serendipitously he will be traveling to NYC for my birthday and we have a date.   I can’t wait.

There are some men who make an indelible mark for one reason or another.  There are some men who know how to just take you.  They don’t have to ask, they just do.   There are some men who just know there way around a woman’s body.

If only the walls of that hotel room could talk.   Happy birthday to me.

Yours truly,

your kinky courtesan xx



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