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Crouching Tiger, Hidden In…You

An evening in Greenwich, CT.

The toys sprawled out neatly on the table…clothespins, paddle and other impactful instruments. I had no intent on using them but you didn’t know that.  I just had them there for your eyes delight.   I knew we were going to enjoy each other differently, more slowly and deliberately this time and I was looking forward to that exploration.

Though I normally keep the lights on, I felt it was necessary this time to have darkness except for a lone candle…your eyes to never leave mine.  As we sat across from each other, with only a bourbon-scented Jimmyjane candle (I know how much you enjoy brown spirits), I felt my body, my mind relaxing and sinking into the moment.

I reached over and took the candle and began pouring the warm wax over me…rubbing the scented oil into my skin…all the while, your eyes fixated on mine.  I could sense your anticipation but wanted to make you wait a bit.  I returned the favor by pouring the liquid paraffin on you.  The hint of bourbon was intoxicating.

As I climbed on top of you, our slippery hands get lost in each other.  They find hidden treasures in their exploration.  My firm hands caress and glide along your limbs. I’m still watching you…

A metamorphosis begins to take place. We both can feel it.  I have you stand on the bed and I crouch underneath you…Our level of concentration is deafening.  The room temperature rises and  we are moving in unison.  I don’t need to look into your eyes anymore to know what you are feeling, thinking and needing in those moments…

Yours truly,

your kinky courtesan  xx


I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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