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Game of Clothespins

In Boston, I visited with my Spanish sweetheart.  He is mature, worldly and has inspired me to go for my pilot’s license.  We always have some a wonderful, relaxing time together and this morning was no exception.

I love to get creative and so I told him ahead of time there would be a surprise.  He is v. mild-mannered so I love to shake things up.  The game I had in mind was something I improvised called “game of clothespins.”   I know how well-read and well-traveled he is and how much he enjoys our mental connection.  However, I also realize if you don’t gently push, you never grow.

As I lay half-naked, spread-eagle on the bed, I whisper to him, “My body is your map.  Take the clothespins and place them where you wish while detailing a destination you have been to or want to travel to.”  He accepts the challenge, hungrily as  a wide smile breaks on his face but I can sense his anxiety as he was concerned he would hurt me.  Immediately, I put his trepidation to rest, ” Don’t worry about hurting me.  I enjoy clothespins.”

The game begins.  My right nipple becomes the cities of Galway and Dublin.  The beautiful coast and home of James Joyce, my lovely friend’s favorite author.  My left breast, London and the English countryside.  WE both agree that we are of to a wonderful start.  Ireland is one of my favorite countries (I have family there in Cork and Dublin) and London is where I can be most kinky self, although I definitely want to visit the Baths and as a writer, Stratford-Upon-Avon.

Moving further south…”P.” for the romantic city of Paris and well I won’t say where he put those pins…There were a few though.  One for the Alexander Bridge named after the Tsar Alexander from Russia.  One pin for the Bridge D’Artes – where people go and put a padlock on a chain link fence then throw the key into the Seine…all representing giving your heart to Paris.  Finally, the Eiffel Tower.  An architectural marvel.  I dare say that Paris was probably my favorite that day although in real life I have yet to visit.

Next, the inner thighs….and between the chest.  A bonus round.  These represent Belgium and Switzerland.   Geneva and the Alps…

At that moment I realized that sometimes a passport can be overrated…..






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