The Velocity of Pleasure

In those moments, I feel invincible. Nothing can touch me.

In those moments, nothing else matters.

Cradle me with the grace and touch of a Renaissance artist.

Rule my body and mind with the force of a Chinese General.

Let go. Let go. I will overwhelm you.

There are forces of nature that can’t be explained.  That shouldn’t.

Your life so perfect, begs for a wrinkle.  I am that crease.

This journey is not a smooth path.  Opening oneself up to another never is.

Nothing worth exploring, worth doing, ever cums easy…

Steadily and slowly I will take you.  Every limb will be mine.

An hour, or two or three at a time…Yes.. You will be mine.

You will delight in pleasing me.

That pleasure is ecstasy.  That pleasure is painful. The pleasure is all mine.




I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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