A New York State of Mind…

It started out with a book reading and meeting of the New York City Young Republicans on 51st and 5th.  I am a “Bald Eagle” member.  My first official meeting.  The members were friendly and asked some really dynamic and thought -provoking questions of the author.    Afterwards, as I walked up 5th Avenue,  and the night breeze blew up my dress, I realized that I was a mere 3 blocks from my favorite place in Manhattan, The Peninsula hotel, where they have a gorgeous rooftop.  The best in the city.

I called my friend and 30 minutes later I was smoking a Romeo & Juliet Robusto and sipping a Ketel & soda with an orange and my friend was drinking her Stella against the backdrop of  5 different languages and the Manhattan night sky.  Who knew, at this point, what the night had in store for us?

We chatted with so many people from all over the world until a table of fellow NYers invited us to sit with them- an economist, a girl who works in fashion and a film maker…  The next thing I knew, I was suggesting a game of “I Never” and the cocktails were flowing…everyone was laughing and some of us were blushing…We closed down the rooftop.

At this point, the night was still young and karaoke was in order.  On the Upper East Side, I surprised everyone with my rendition of            ” Welcome to The Jungle” and Frank Sinatra’s “My Way”.  The economist and I danced together when we were not singing.  Pure unadulterated fun.

The night took on its own momentum.   I was in a NY State of Mind….

Yours truly,

your kinky courtesan xx


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