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The Slutty Professor

Greenwich, CT.  The slutty professor worked nervously, tapping one 5″ steel-heeled stiletto against the carpet, waiting for the man who would save the day, to arrive, Alan Cunning, aka. The Cunninglinguist.  His reputation as a man with an ability to speak and translate the romantic languages was well-known and professor Slutty instinctively knew that he was the only one that could help her solve this latest caper…this mystery of this rare “book” that went missing…

He finally arrived and was generous enough to bring with him fresh strawberries – brain food and a favorite snack of the Professors’s and a bottle of champagne. If you had added oysters on the half shell and sea-salted chocolate, she would be in culinary heaven.  “How thoughtful of you,”  the Slutty Professor. replied.

In an almost too confident burst, the Cunninglinguist retorted, “Not at all, Professor Slutty. It was my pleasure.  When I heard you needed my help…I came straight away.”

The Slutty Professor couldn’t quite figure out though why he was looking at her so strangely…and then it dawned on her….the outfit.   It was true her reputation preceded her and this case, was no different.  She wore her classic 5″ steel-heeled stilettos, a simple black trench that barely held her massive breasts and peeking out slightly from the coat…Glamazon…in all its glittery, strap-on glory.  After all, a woman like the Slutty Professor does need to protect herself.

She motioned towards her laptop, indicating that what was on the screen needed two heads to solve.  The Cunninglinguist jumped right in. What he saw on the screen jarred him. “A series of letters, written in Pig Latin…this is a challenge.”  Line by line the Cunninglinguist went…” gggiiiiKCUF ME. SYILL…..Fuck Me Silly?” He responded, in delighted surprise.

“Be careful…Alan..I’m afraid some of the words may be boobie-trapped,” the Slutty Professor replied.

“Oozzzziillttllkk…..PRATS –NO NUF….CKUF ROUY HTOUM…DENB ROVER…”  the Cunninglinguist slowly sounded out each word.   After a few minutes a light seemed to go off.  He looked at the Slutty Professor and with a sly grin while he moved his hand up her leg said oh so cunningly, “I think I’ve solved the mystery.”

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 6.30.35 AM
Can you?


Yours truly,

your kinky courtesan, xx


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