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Be My Clementine…

I read your energy.  You needed to relax.  I dive right it with just my hands….at first.  They caressed your legs, tickling and traveling slowly up your thigh…then the back of hands worked their way down your arms as you lay their silent and still.  My short but soft head of hair brushed your chest hair back and forth…a sweeping motion that is hypnotic.

Your body is the map and I am the compass.

Every body part creates a different sensation.  I navigate hungrily, so hungrily in fact, that a clementine makes its way into my mouth – ripe, sweet, plump and juicy.  A simple piece of fruit. You don’t know what to expect because of the blindfold.  As I peel the skin, the citrus scent energizes me and I begin rubbing the rough rind against your body.  At the same time, I part your mouth with my lips and the juices spray inside our hot mouths as our tongues collide.  The consistency of the Clementine is perfect.  We let it roll around, volleying for position in our respective mouths, all the while, squeezing every last drop of juice, together with our tongues.

I can’t resist, adding another layer to this unexpected sweetness.   Sea salt dark chocolate.  Yes…the richness against the sharp citrus only heightens the emotions building between us.  My body grinds harder against his, I feel like I am in high school again.  My clothes are still on. We are so out of control yet our movements are completely in focus.

There are times, where simplicity brings out the best moments.  This was one of them.

Yours truly,

your kinky courtesan xx


I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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