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Total Surrender

A hotel room in Greenwich, CT.  Lunchtime.  The light knock at the door.  I know he’s nervous even though we have known each other for 2 years.  Its been a few weeks since we have seen each other and my cryptic texts to him have him confused and unsure of what to expect.   He thinks it will be our normal fun and conversation.  He doesn’t know what is cumming.

As the door open and he greets me I throw his body against the wall and whisper gruffly ” put your hands on the door.”  I kick his legs open with my stiletto and hood him before he has time to turn around in surprise. Slowly, I walk him to the middle of the room and tell him to “stand still.”    The garments begin to come off but in a deliberate fashion.  His sport coat, first.  Then I slowly unbutton each button on his Oxford. The only sounds in the room are Enigma playing into background.  I decide to just sit back and watch him.  I watch him fidget extremely conscious that something is about to happen but he has no idea what.  I coyly smile as I reach for my vibrator and slowly turn it  on.  The low hum changes his expression because he now comprehends what is about to happen.  As I sit in the chair and begin to fuck myself, I tell him to kneel.  I move my chair close to his face so he can smell the liquid musk of my pussy as I get more turned on. He hears my moan and the suction motion the vibrator makes as it moves in and out of my cunt.

His obedience deserves a reward.  I tell him to stand.  Then, I instruct him to open his mouth.  He is expecting my tongue but then I tell him to not let go as I slip a piece of dark chocolate into his mouth.  He is brilliant in his obedience, never letting go of that chocolate, even as it melts all over the mask.  He succumbs to his submission. I stick my vibrator with my sweet juices into his chocolately mouth.

I then have him move over to the bed, on all fours.  My gloved hand reaches into his ass.  My finger gently probes as my mouth teases what is instantly familiar.  His moans, confirming he can’t take too much so I tell him to stand again.  Glamazon, my dildo, is placed into his hands.  I tell him not to move.  Then, I begin fucking myself again with vibrator and as I do that I tell him to begin sucking on that dildo.  The more he sucks, the harder I fuck myself.  I fuck myself…I fuck myself until I cum, cum so hard.   He knows…when I’ve come and when I finish…its his turn.  My finger goes back in his ass and although he begs me not to let him cum…he has no choice.

Total surrender.

Yours truly,

your kinky courtesan xx



I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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