Hot Chocolate

I’m not talking about the delicious, hot liquid that you drink scented with cinnamon and melting marshmellows. Think about what you can so with a single square of salted, dark chocolate. In anticipation you watch me slowly put it in my mouth, darkening my tongue with its sweet and savory flavor. What’s next, you hope, is that I share that treat with you. Your lips part to let me know you are with me and soon our hot tongues are colliding between this slowly diminishing piece of chocolate.

Our saliva are chocolate-covered and dripping from our jubilant faces. In the palm of my hand the other square of chocolate is slowly and steadily melting from the heat our bodies are creating. As my mouth clings onto your flagpole of phallic flesh, your body jerks as you feel the sensation of the chocolate and the wetness of my mouth sear it purposefully and deeply.

The chocolate melted on my hands, on my mouth and left a delectable trail of sinful, guilt-free goodness.

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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