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My Dark Valentine

I can’t wait until I leave for DC next Friday. I’m excited to reunite with my all my kinky friends and the play partners who so I expertly know how to pick up where we left off. Dark Odyssey is a time to really push my own personal boundaries in an environment where the playing field is even, everyone in attendance is aching to do the same thing.

Dark Odyssey is always an adventure. You never know what it will bring. Who you will meet. That is the fun part. You can experiment with any fetish because there will be someone there that has a mutual interest. There is also a nice balance of vanilla. The foodies venture out to some of the DC underground restaurants and during the day, DC is a great place to walk around.

I’m hoping to do a couple of video and photoshoots and am looking forward to complete submission. I just revamped my kinky wardrobe so I’m ready to go.

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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