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Going With The Flow…

Its not secret that I really enjoy watersports- giving as well as receiving. Last night, my lovely Dominant friend came over who also happens to share my affinity for golden bliss.

Though it has been almost 7 months since we have seen each other it was as if I had seen him just yesterday. Lovely conversation, a delicious red wine and we were off to the races. Naked and entangled we were having so much fun. Of course he couldn’t resist bending me over my desk spank me.

Ultimately, I ended up in true submissive position, on my knees worshipping him and allowing him to present all over my face.

Of course, the best was yet to come when we got in my tub and as he stood over me, both of us naked and so animalistically aware of one another. I began to let my golden bubbly run in between my legs, so warm as it cascaded over his feet, provoking his own champagne to uncork and flow heavenly on to my begging breasts.

Oh, what a night.

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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  • Kary

    I think they should have you as a consultant on the set as they shoot Fifty Shades of Greys. I’m sure they can use your insight.

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