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Ransom Note

A note to my Captor:

My pussy was your prisoner. Captured by your tongue, soft lips and roaming large hands, you took your mission v. seriously. Your touch was different as you explored- more pressure, less pressure, an examination of my muscles and the sweet juices that made you salivate for more.

There was nothing to think about as I lay back and watched you storm my palace. You studied me until you found those secret hiding places. The places that makes me moan and scream, not in fear but pure ecstatic pleasure. In that moment, hope is restored as my body begs for release. A ransom that has no price because the value is immeasurable, the sweet torture continues.

Now you show mercy and have set my aching, pleasured pussy free. Thank you for your mercy. The memory of this experience lives on.

-written on behalf of O’s pussy

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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