Eye For An Eye

As much as I love sex toys, there is something to be said for the intense heat created when I gaze into your eyes. I don’t just mean for a moment either. My eyes never leave yours.

Sex becomes theatre. The lens of his spectacles fogged up. The room was noticeably warmer. Our senses, elevated, as we moved together without dropping our eyes. Like two teenagers we rolled around only partially nude, because the clothes should always come off slowly.

Savor the sweetness in between my legs but dont let go of my eyes and I will watch you carefully as my fingers explore your your ass and my mouth appetizes on your balls.

I hardly know you but your eyes reveal all or maybe they do a great job of concealing your emotions. There we were, swimming in vague intensity but oh how good it felt. How good it felt to feel you finally react to the pleasure of those moments all over my face.

Published by The Pleasure Proseur

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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