Double Vision

Timing can be perfect sometimes. One of my favorite friends called me today and asked if I would come to see him in the Greenwich area of the CT and could I bring a friend? Well, i just happened to be finishing up brunch with Mestra Jussara and heading to,see my other friend, Jo. What do you know? My CT friend also knew Jo. Small world.

Fast forward a few hours later and my gentleman friend has two voluptuous gals naked in front of him. Jo and her superb anal-massage skills played off well as I kissed and worshipped his cock. My cunt pleasured his face as her fingers probed the darkest, deepest area of his body. Slowly we tag-teamed him, her fucking him as he fucked me. Oh…there is nothing like a daisy chain.

By the time we were through with him , our friend couldn’t help but see double when we were through with him.

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.


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