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Discovery Zones

Worship at this altar. The blindfold challenges your skill but does not sway your determination. All the parts of your hands- nails, fingers, knuckles and palms, explore my body. I guide you at times but your navigation skills are sharp so you only need to be shown once.  You are a quick study.

We often underestimate and sometimes dismiss body parts that are not overtly sexual. However, sex, the best sex is about discovery. Discovery of new desires and maybe even some limits. That doesn’t stop your passion from unearthing itself.

Its unexpected when eyes lock and you feel intensity from a veritable stranger. Its exciting when they touch you and you feel that frisson of excitement travel from your toes to your brain. Its so satisfying when there is no need to explain your needs with words, only action.

Enjoy discovering. Relish the journey. The destination will cum.

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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  • Paul

    I was really sexually awakened recently in a BDSM setting. I was taken by surprise at what I thoroughly enjoyed! I’m going back for more soon!

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