Club O

He is my boss and I his top perfomer. We meet after my performance and he grades me, tells me, well shows me rather, my punishment or reward. Although I am rarely punished, there is always room to improve, and he is sure to tell me that.

I allow him to take full advantage of his top talent. He knows talking “dirty” is talking business and as he pushes his fingers inside me, slowly and gently applying the right amount of pressure. As he speaks about entertaining the customers, he feels me getting wet and he quickens the pace and pressure slightly but is never vulgar about it.

Yes. He explores my body like Magellan and he discovers my sweet spot. At the same time, I feel the cool leather slapping against my breasts, my nipple rings clinking with every slap. My knees open wider as the leather stings the lips below.

Until next time at Club O…

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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