Its…Merry Christmas. Thank you.

I was never the politically correct type.  Fortunately I do show social decorum at the right moments or else I would probably find myself socially cast out.

The one thing that drives me crazy is the phrase “happy holidays.”  It is such an empty term.  Why shouldn’t we go out of our way to recognize if someone is Christian or Jewish?  There have been times when people have corrected me and luckily because I live in America, it was nothing more than a minor social faux pas that was rectified immediately. This Thanksgiving, for instance, I wished all of my Jewish friends a Happy Thanksgiving and Chanukah.  I didn’t water it down by lumping it all together and saying “happy holidays.”

‘Tis the season to believe, no?  We all recognize how tough the holidays can be – emotionally, financially and socially.  Something magical happens when we go out of our way to recognize someone’s faith.  Perhaps an appreciation of the human spirit, one stranger to another?

This year, the American Atheists made headlines with their Times Square billboard stating ” Who Needs Christ During Christmas?  Nobody.”  It was followed by adjectives that commercialize Christmas.  While I agree they are within their 1st Amendment right to advertise this message, I can’t help but feel this is overstating the obvious.  As a society we have already gotten so far away from the religious and faith-based meaning of Christmas.  Maybe if we sprinkled a little more faith and love in our lives people wouldn’t be so depressed during the holidays.  They would find happiness and peace through helping and giving selflessly to others rather than thinking about themselves and material possessions.

On that note,  I would like to wish everyone who reads my diary a v. merry Christmas.  God bless you.

Your kinky courtesan,

olivia xx





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